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Personal Online Banking
Harbor Biz Net Banking

Consumer Loans

Harbor Bank's consumer loans and revolving credit line enable you to choose
the financing plan best suited for you. With our flexible loan plans, you can obtain
financing for your needs or wants while staying within your budget.

Installment Loans

Installment loans are available to meet all of your needs - whether you are buying a new car, consolidating debts or buying furniture. Our installment loans give you instant financing with fixed interest rates and predictable payments. Flexible terms are available.

VIP Lines 

Harbor Bank VIP Line is ideal for those with an ongoing need for financing, or those who just want a ready credit reserve on hand. This revolving line of credit offers a convenient one-time application and approval process. You also get personalized checks and flexible monthly payments.

Overdraft Lines of Credit

Avoid the embarrassment and expense of bounced checks with Harbor Line Overdraft Protection. This revolving line of credit is tied to your checking account and offers protection from overdrafts due to insufficient funds. With Harbor Line, you know your checks will always clear, saving you the hassle and cost of returned check fees.