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Harbor Biz Net Banking

Harbor Biz Net

Full-Service, Secure Internet Banking

You are about to transform your corporate computer into a branch office of Harbor Bank. With some help from the Internet, you will have full-service access to your accounts in a completely secure environment. Within your office, you will be able to do everything from reviewing your balances to transferring funds, from requesting stop payments to reviewing your corporate cash handling.

If you are comfortable using the Internet, you will be comfortable with Harbor Biz Net. Sophisticated and flexible funds management capabilities allow named employees to make controlled disbursements; transfers - including ACH and internal transfers, domestic and foreign wire transfers; and payments for things like taxes and loans.

Harbor Biz Net users enjoy greater functionality without jeopardizing security using controls established at either the client level or at the bank. Functionalities include but not limited to; review accounts, place stop payments, fund transfers, send wires, positive pay and more.

Complete privacy, controlled through encryption and passwords, ensures only authorized access to your accounts.

Types of Activity

Harbor Biz Net is designed for three general activities: Summarizing Account Information, Performing Fund and File Management and Reviewing Fund and File Transfers.

  • Summarizing Account Information. You can view a list of all your Harbor Bank accounts by clicking on the "Accounts" drop-down menu. From the account list, a specific account can be selected to view account detail and to perform research functions.
  • Fund Management Activities. You can review assigned fund transfer templates, issue fund transfers and inquire into fund transfers that have already been issued. You can also select, sort and export transactions to personal financial management applications (such as Microsoft® Money or Intuit's Quicken®).
  • File Management Activities. You can review assigned file transfer templates, issue file transfers and inquire into file transfers that have already been issued.
  • Reviewing Fund and File Transfers. An assigned corporate administrator can review issued fund and file transfers before they even reach the bank.

Benefits of Harbor Biz Net

  • Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Up-to-date balances on checking, savings, certificates, and loan accounts
  • Review transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Initiate ACH and wire transactions
  • Positive Pay
  • Remote Capture
  • eStatement
  • Request Stop Payment on Checks and ACH transactions
  • Export account information to other financial programs such as Money®, Quicken®, Lotus 123®, or Excel®
  • Order checks
  • Request check images and statement copies   


For additional information please contact Electronic Banking at 410-342-4563 or 1-888-833-7114.